Small talk Stories

The Abacus

‘Oh no’, is what I thought.
‘We forgot The Abacus.’
‘Oh no, not The Abacus.’
‘Yes, The Abacus.’

Although I never heard of the word before. I like it. Abracadabacus.

But when did we forget about it?

Small talk Stories

We are back

Well, it has been quite a while.

But I guess that we are back.

Some things have changed during the latest blogpost.

For instance. The boy got older and is now 4 years old.

On top of that, we now got two boys.

The youngest one is now 16 months.

Both of them give and consume loads of energy.

Like, right now.

The four year old keeps coming back and also wants to type a message.

So, here is your commercial break for today: