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Weightscale with Karma

So this just happened to me. It might have had something to do with karma or something like that.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the clean up mood. Just throwing things away, Marie Kondo-ing the place. And offcourse I also threw away our scale.
I thought the thing was broken. It showed crazy numbers. It changed a couple of kilograms every time I went on it to check my weight.

I just threw the damn thing out of the house.

But that left us without a scale.
Although I am a believer that you can better check your body improvements in the mirror, not everybody in the household shared this believe with me.

Happy Wife Happy Life

So I had to go to the store to get a new scale.
Because my work is located next to a mall, it is fairly easy for me to go to the store after my working hours.

Easy said, easy done.

Worktime is over and I go outside and walk to the store.
It is a little bit rainy outside, but nothing to bad.

I go to this store that might have scales.
While I am walking in the store I forget what I come to do. So I pick up some other things, some eye drops and something to drink.
In the line before the cashregister my mind starts working again.


I am here for a scale. Yes, I remember. A new scale.
So I get out of line and start walking through the store again. And yes, there is a scale.

A Scale with features

A beauty for that matter. It works with Bluetooth, so I can check my progress. (Well, I don’t hope progress. I hope the number is going to decline)

It has an BMI tracker. Yeah. Ok that is possible. It Is an easy formula. And I know my BMI is too high.

It even has a body fat meter in it. Wow, that is not really possible now is it.
No it is not.

There is no screaming function on it, for when I am too heavy. “Get off me you fat ass.”
Now that would be a nice feature.

Taking the scale home

So I buy this beauty of a scale and go outside.
Sure by now it is raining very hard.
With the scale under my arm I start running to a place to hide.

I decide to go In the grocery store.
Maybe the rain is over when I get out.
I put some fruit, milk and bread in my basket and walk to the cash register.

The cash register is semi-automatic. I have to scan all my items.
Most of the time it is a little bit faster than a normal register.

When I am done I take my groceries and walk outside.

The rain is over. And I go to the bus stop so I can take my bus home.

When I see the bus stop. I also see my bus not stop. It is already leaving.


Ah well, the weather cleared up. And I still got to walk a little bit to the bus stop.

A couple of minutes of waiting and the bus comes. I get in  and thankfully I can actually take a seat.
So karma might be working out for me right now.

As I doze off, the bus is driving along.

Twenty minutes or so later it is time for me to get off the bus.

When I stand up I take my backpack and my bag of groceries.

I take a look around and there is nothing left to take.

The doors open and it is raining outside again. Well I got to get out and get in the rain.

So that is what I do.
I look behind me one more time to see if I didn’t leave anything behind.
Although it feels I have forgotten something, there is nothing there.

‘Ohhh nooooo’
The cold raindrops on my head must have activated my brain again.
I have forgotten the scale.


Did you read that part about me scanning my own items at the grocery store?
That is where I put it on the floor and where I have left it.


In a rush I go to the other side of the road and  wait 10 minutes for the bus to return.

I doze off again in the bus.
Yeah it is like a little rocking chair, so I can always fall asleep on a bus.

At the bus stop I get out and walk straight to the grocery store.
There is no scale to be seen.

‘oh nooo’

Indeed, no.

I asked a very helpful lady if she has found the scale.

And rather to my surprise she says yes and gives me the scale back.

‘But wait, who doesn’t want this amazing scale with all these cool extra features?’

8 replies on “Weightscale with Karma”

You had me laughing at the screaming feature, wouldn’t that be fun if there was one like that. This happens to the us where we just have too much going on and the brain just refuses to relate thus confusion occurs lol. Great read.

I would really like to know from where you got that smart scale. I think my old one is also showing crazy numbers 🙂

Oh my, this is the most entertaining thing I’v read in a while. I’m so sorry for your scale but this is just hilarious…

“Well, I don’t hope progress. I hope the number is going to decline”

I was drinking coffee when I go over this sentence and I nearly spilled everything onto my laptop! One time I ordered McDonald’s at a drivethru one tired night, after drinking with friends, and I pay for it then head home to give the burger to my mom who requested it. But then I realized too late that I did not stop at the last WINDOW to collect the burger that I ordered and paid for.

I had to go to another buy one again, as I was already too far from the other store. Ugh!

My point–we all have stupid days! HAHA!

I can feel you. I do fall asleep on the bus too, which is not a good thing. I am glad though that you got your scale. It would be so frustrating if you didn’t!

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