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The Abacus

‘Oh no’, is what I thought.
‘We forgot The Abacus.’
‘Oh no, not The Abacus.’
‘Yes, The Abacus.’

Although I never heard of the word before. I like it. Abracadabacus.

But when did we forget about it?

Well, we actually never bought one for our (now) four year old.
I don’t know, why we never bought one. Only that we didn’t.

And by now you might think that he isn’t able to count to ten or something. But thankfully he can. He can actually count a lot further. When he could talk he probably could count pretty far. Well atleast until number Seven.

That is probably because we live on the seventh floor and everytime we where in the elevator I was counting for him while the numbers where on the display.

And we did this in Dutch and English.

Another, and maybe bigger, help was probably Baby-Tv with the Numbers Song.
One, one-two-three, one-two-three-four-five, six-seven-eight-nine, nine-ten.
Yeah I know, the quality drips of this song. But it is catchy and even daddies can stay in the right flow.

So now he can count to 1 thousand or something like that and he uses his fingers, toes and nose to do some simple adding up and subtract simple numbers.

And that is where The Abacus comes back in the picture.
This boy wants to do some serious number crunching. And who are we to stop him from that.

I went out and bought a really great looking Abacus.
It looks like a giraffe. And has like 100 wooden ball thingies (I can’t even come up with the Dutch word right now)

And when I gave this Abacus to him, he was filled with joy.
So right after dinner he wanted to play with it for as long as possible.
Hold up, that ain’t true.

No, you are right. Although he was extremely happy with the Abacus, he wanted to play some Blaze and the Monster Machines game on the tablet.

And that didn’t matter. Because there is always a number 2 right around the corner.
The 1-year old was really happy to play with the Abacus. And took control over it.

So in a couple of years I can say that I have done a real good job in teaching my kids how to work with numbers.

Or maybe, that will be because we still tune in to the Numbers Song.

But we are now owner of this great wooden Abacus. And I think that everybody should have one. Even when they are not using it to solve the most difficult math problems. It is a great tool to play with. And it does make significantly less noise then most children toys.

4 replies on “The Abacus”

Abacus is already obsolete to the new generations because of advancements in technology.

Good thing that you were able to introduce this to your baby which I think is a genius move as you’re not exposing him to gadgets at an early age. 🙂

Your raising the next Math Genius and I love it! haha, I have no idea how to use an abacus but what a cool way to not only get them to learn about colors and math but also to get them to play without a damn screen! I love the whole hand to mind connection when it comes to learning and this “toy” is a great tool for that!

Wow! It’s cool to know that Abacus can still be found today because as someone said, it is outdated. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it is still useful. You’re doing a great job. 😀

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