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Rush Hour : Dad delivering the kids

6.15 a.m.

The sound of my mobile phone plays a funky tune.
My eyes start to open.
They don’t want to open all the way.
My mind goes: ‘ I need to shave today… ‘
My hand makes an almost automatic movement and changes the time of my alarm clock on my mobile phone.

6.30 a.m.

The sound of my mobile phone plays a funky tune that I have heard before.
My eyes start to open.
I persist.
My eyes open all the way.

Time to get up

Now it is really time to get up.
And I still need to shave.
I get up, put on some trousers and my slippers.
I tell my wife that she also almost has to get up.

After my normal morning routine I start making some breakfast for me and the four year old.
‘Yes, he is still sleeping.’

A few moments later

“Can you come?”
I guess he woke up.
So I go to his room and tell him to just come to the living room and start his breakfast.

I hear little feet in the hallway.
Quickly I start making some warm milk.
The little one is on his way.
He has to wait a minute for his milk.

Morning routine

I start shaving my face and call the kids in to brush their teeth.
Mom dresses them for school.
After all the kids are washed, brushed their teeth and dressed, it is almost time to go.


I almost forgot to fill the backpack of the four year old with bread, fruit and water for his schoolday.
And I also almost forgot to fill my own backpack with bread and fruit for my workday.

Finally they put on their shoes and we can go outside.
I forget the trash, so I have to go back inside and take it downstairs with me.

We wait for the elevator to take us down and I look on my phone to check the time.


‘Oh, shit’
Panic almost starts to kick in.
The oldest one has to be in class at 8.30am.
And I first got to bring the little one to kindergarten.


It has rained again, so the childrenseat is wet. I try to dry it a little bit and put a plastic bag on the seating. Now the little one won’t have wet pants when he gets at kindergarten. I put him in the children seat.
The four year old goes on the saddle and has to hold on to the handle bar.

Insane dad

I start running with the bicycle while I also hold the saddle, the four year old and the handle bar. I got one backpack on the handle bar and one on my back.

I think I look like  a complete idiot.

Delivering kid : Kindergarten

When I get at kindergarten I quickly lift the four year old off of the saddle and carry the little one to the gate.

I leave the bicycle unlocked and with the backpack on the handlebar.

‘ I will be back in a few minutes and I can see the bicycle from inside’, is what I say to myself. ‘It is safe’

When I am walking to the front door, I already take of his shoes and open his jacket.

Quick Quick, Hurry Hurry

Inside we quickly go to his group and I talk for a couple of seconds with the groupleader.

“Yes, he has slept well”
“Yes, he has eaten”

“Everything is going okay.”

I give him a kiss and hurry outside.


When I lift the four year old in de children seat I tell him that we will go really fast.
He totally doesn’t matter.

We can’t go that fast, because the road is a little bit wet. And I don’t feel like sliding down te road today.

But I go almost really fast. Up and down the speedbump

Boinky Boink

Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn’t.
Today he doesn’t mind.
So I try to go a little bit faster.

There are parents with kids everywhere.
Racing to bring their kids to the right school.
Racing to bring their kids on time.

Delivering Kid : School

When we are at the school, the buzzer sounds.

I quickly drop the bike against a pole. Pretend to lock it and lift the four year old out of his seat.

“Run, run”
I tell him.


“Say ‘Hello’ and great the teacher when you go in to school.”

He starts laughing really hard.

‘Ah, well. We made it inside in time.’ So I can’t be mad.


Almost all the kids are already in the classroom.
Some of the parents are saying their goodbyes to their kid.
Some parents are reading a book with their kid.

We go to the teacher and say ‘Hi’.

A not so quick goodbye

When I go outside he comes running to me.

“Dad, I need to pee.”
“Well just go already”
So he goes the restroom and takes a little pee. (I guess it all worked out)

He goes back in to the classroom and I think I am free to go.
“Dad, come and have a look. I made that yesterday”
And he points at some Lego.
“That is amazing.”, I try to put on my ‘oh that is amazing’ face.

When I am just about to turn and leave him behind.
“Dad, I have a new place to sit.”
And he shows me his new place.
He looks happy with his new place.
I am happy for him and give him a quick kiss.
“Dad has to go now and your class is about to start.”

Right when I am about to leave the classroom, the buzzer goes.
Everybody has to leave. Class is about to start.


It is 8.30am and I feel like I have run a marathon. I am sweating. Eeeeww.
My legs walk me quickly to my bicycle.
I have to go to the bus stop two streets away.

Too bad. When I arrive at the end of the street I can see my bus at the bus stop.
There is no way that I can still get on this bus.

The bus

Because I missed the bus, I decide to go to the next bus stop.
But although I missed the bus, I am happy that I managed to bring the two boys on time.
At the bus stop I must just wait a couple of minutes for the next bus.

A good day The sweating has stopped and finally the bus arrives to take me to my job.
Walking in to the bus I actually notice that the bus is less full than normal.
In the back there is even a place to sit.
Happily I walk to the back. I walk to the empty seat.

Hot hot hot

With every step I take I notice the temperature also rises significantly.
This must have been the reason why this seat is still empty.
It is hot inside and especially in the back of the bus.
I notice I can still produce some more sweat.
With my jacket opened I try to relax and enjoy this ride.

‘Tomorrow I will wake up early’

7 replies on “Rush Hour : Dad delivering the kids”

This reminded me of the time when my kids were that age. Chaos every day! Rushing here and there, forgetting stuff, panic and sweat. I don’t even know how I ever survived!

It does seem very stressful running around the house trying to prepare the kids. What I do is that I try to enjoy every moment of it.

Oh dad! You’re really doing it! Doing that almost everyday can be quite hectic so please, remember to get time to rejuvenate. Anyway, keep sharing the love with your family!

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