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Cake Baking Time With Dad

Cake Baking introduction

It is Saturday afternoon. But it could be any day. This doesn’t really matter to the rest of the story.
It doesn’t even affect the story in any way.

But it is Saturday afternoon and I am at home with the 4 year old. I am busy with some work that needs to be done and he isn’t really doing anything.

Those two do not go well together.

To give me some focus time, and ok, him some fun time, I take out some of his new clay.
We never give him everything at once. If you don’t know why, you will definitely find out quick enough once you have done it. At least If you are not colorblind.

Now I can finally get some work done that I don’t really want to do.
And he is enjoying his clay.

A couple of minutes later he come to me and says:
“Dad, these waffles are for you.”
He has built me a huge stack of clay waffles.
The waffles have all different kind of colors. Yes, they are mixed together (#message).

After I have eaten all of the waffles he takes them back and start playing again.
A few plates of waffles later my work is done.

Now I have no excuse but to entertain this little one.
As I don’t feel like playing with the clay today and because I just bought a box of cake baking ingredients (that I wanted to keep for my wife) I decided that we could bake a cake together.
Off course he agrees with me in a heartbeat.

Wait a minute

“Hold on, before we start baking this cake. First clean up that mess you made with the clay.”, smart me says to him.
It is always easier to reward a kid for the things that he needs to do.
And indeed, the clean up job was done faster than (put some twisted mind comment here)

Cake Baking Preparations

Quick get the paper box.
To be honest, most ingredients where already mixed in this box. (Flour and I don’t even know what more)
‘Hey now, this is a dad blog, what did you expect’

But here is the preparations list for cake baking with dad:

  1. Wash hands
  2. Get the box
  3. Put on the oven to pre-heat
  4. Get the mixer
  5. Get some eggs out of the refrigerator
  6. Check the box
  7. Get some butter out of the refrigerator
  8. Put the butter on the sides of the baking mold
    1. First get the baking mold
    1. First wash your hands again
  9. Wash your buttery hands again
  10. Enjoy the journey


We are all set for this cake baking journey. I guess we have everything. So here goes nothing.
Because I am not a complete idiot, I decide to put the flour in the bowl myself. (I got that bowl at number 11 of the list)

Cake Baking, put flour in the bowl
Put flour in the bowl

I know how to clean up eggs, so I let him break the eggs and put it in the bowl.
Tip: make sure that he has done this with his mother before.

Breaking the eggs

Start mixing

When all ingredients are in the bowl it is time to use the powertools. Yeahhh
Time to get this big ass mixer to work.

Because it is such heavy machinery we decide that it is better for us, and the kitchen, to hold it together.

Cake mixing with heavy machinery

This cake needs 5 minutes of mixing. Wowzers.
After those five minutes of hard work we put in some oil.

On the box it said ‘Sunflower oil’. Too bad for this cake that there is no sunflower oil available in this household at this moment.
But I guess, oil is oil. So I just put in some olive oil in there.
And now we mix for another two more minutes.

Cake Baking time

Almost done now. I put the cake mix in the baking mold and put it all in the preheated oven.
Now it is all out of our hands. And the waiting game starts.

Let me tell you. Waiting is not the strong side of the four year old. So he counts down with every minute on the oven asking me every minute why it is taking sooooooo long.

‘This takes loooooooong, dad’
‘This really takes looooooong dad.’

‘Yes my lovely child, this does take an absurt amount of time.’, is exactly what I don’t tell him.
It goes more like: ‘Yes’.

A cake well done

*ping* goes the oven.
“Yeah, cake”, goes the four year old.
And I go: “No, it has to cool down first.”

A cake well done. Eksie Koekoe
A cake well done

“This really takes loooooooooooooooooooooooooong dad.”

And it does, because I also want to try it.

After we both grow a beard, the cake has cooled off enough for us to try.

And guess what

That olive oil must have been a secret ingredient. Because this cake is fluffy and tasteful as any cake can get.
Even my wife liked it.

A tastefull cake, Eksie Koekoe
or Eksi Kuku or Ingris Boroe
YUMMMMMMM Eksie Koekoe

But guess who only took one bite?
Indeed, the four year old.

This cake is named ‘Eksi Koekoe’which is an Egg Cake out of Surinam.

11 replies on “Cake Baking Time With Dad”

“But guess who only took one bite?” LOL! I’ve been there too.

Great parenting strategies, by the way…from the pre-meal bargaining to the “bowling”. Can’t let chaos rule the day, right?

Fun post. I’m thinking of doing something similar with my daughter. Crabcakes, maybe?

This is so funny you could be describing me and my three year old – especially on Fridays when I work a few hours from home. The play dough scenario is one I know well – having to pretend to eat whatever ‘food’ my son has made me whilst trying to reply to emails!! Yesterday me and my son planted some seeds together and he insisted on keeping on checking to see if they had grown yet! Patience is most definitely not a virtue at that age!

Such a cute way to spend time with your kid. My dad during his younger days was the im going to work 24/7 and mom never let me touch her kitchen so i admire this types of scenario

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