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Free Baby Feeding Schedule

Thankfully our smallest one is now more than one year old.
Or more then 12 months old, for those counting in months (as is normal with babies).

And thankfully we do not have to write up what his food intake is during the day.

Offcourse we stopped with that before the boy was 12 months old.

But I can still remember those first couple (11 or so) months that we had to keep notes on how much he had eaten during the day. We used a true Baby Feeding Schedule. (yes, we where a little bit crazy, but it also helped us).

Free Baby Feeding Schedule 1.0

It all started with the first baby.
We got home from the hospital. New parents. NO CLUE.

The only thing that we figures out is that we had to keep this little thing alive. And one very important way to do this is, give him food.

Due to medication we weren’t allowed to breastfeed him.
(well technically I was, but I just can’t. Duh)

So the only option was baby milkpowder. And that was totally okay with us. (yeah no saggy titties)

Downside is that you go through those packages like crazy.
(it is probably cheaper to get saggy titties and buy new ones after)

Other downside is that you have to keep score of how much food actually goes into the baby. And here we get a nice little book where you can take notes in. And that is all very easy for the first couple of weeks. But then, the book is full.

Wunderkid that I am, I made a little spreadsheet in Excel and printed that out. (is it safe to say that I did the printing at work?)
A nice Baby Feeding Schedule 1.0 was born.

Now we know the food intake of this little baby.

Baby Feeding Schedule 2.0

So the first time we went to the pediatrician, we had this nice looking administration file with all those papers and we could show exactly how much he had eaten. And that he ate enough during the day.

The pediatrician then asked us if he also had full diapers of urine and poop. ‘Uhmm, I don’t know’

He probably did.

But it was time to tweak the format a little bit.
So I added a column for pee and poop. And we just put a cross on the right time whenever he peed of pooped.
The Baby Feeding Schedule 2.0 saw the light.

And not only did this administration did become in handy when we went to the next appointment with the pediatrician. We could show him exactly what he had eaten and that his stool was normal.

Off course the baby also got sick once in a while. So when we went to the doctor, we brought the administration from the last week or so. So we could show that he didn’t eat as much as he used too.

This off course happens when you get the flu, but also when there is a tooth about to set free.

And because the feeding schedule has helped us (although sometimes we looked obsessed about the eating, peeing and pooping habits of our children) I would like to share this format with you.

Download Free Baby Feeding Schedule

So you can download this feeding schedule and use this PDF-file as you like.

How to use the Feeding Schedule

So what to do now?

  1. Make a Baby

    You figure out how to do that yourself. (probably not when you are alone)

  2. Deliver the Baby

    Maybe with a little help from a friend, nurse or doctor

  3. Feed the baby

    However you like. But I would recommend milk. From the mommy or the factory.

  4. Get frustrated

    Yeah, you forgot something

  5. Download and Print the Baby Feeding Schedule


  6. Fill in the Baby Feeding Schedule

    It is really easy

  7. And now you can use that free brain space for more fun things

    Like playing with your baby

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave a comment or question below 😉

And if you like the free Baby Feeding Schedule, please share this page with somebody that can also use a Baby Feeding Schedule.

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I really had fun reading your post. It really is overwhelming when you are a new mom. With all my three kids, we did followed a feeding schedule during the first few weeks and after that, it was “feeding on demand.” I will share this printable with my friend’s daughter who recently gave birth to a baby girl.

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