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Vacuum Cleaner : Dad Tip

Whenever you just heard that you are going to be parent, or when you already have a couple of kids messing up your house already. One of the most underappreciated power tools that you will probably have in your house is the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner a Love Story

During the last couple of years we have noticed that the vacuum cleaner is one of our dearest friends.
It is like family now.
No, we don’t have one of those fancy robot vacuum cleaners that cleans some of your room and most not.
We have that old fashioned vacuum cleaner with wheels that you pull forward.

A little help with the vacuum cleaner.

It is not totally old fashioned, because it does not use vacuum bags. (1  Point for the environment)

With two young boys running around our vacuum cleaner gets used multiple times during the day.


When you still have a baby crawling around it is very important to keep your floors clean.
Although we don’t wear our shoes inside the house, dust and other germs still get on the floor. So I don’t really have to tell you why it is important to clean your floor.


Your kid will probably start walking now. And during this learning process he/she will throw all different kinds of stuff on your floor. For example plants and all of your xbox games.
And let’s not forget all those cookies that they will only eat half, and leave half crumbling on your floor.
It is then when you even appreciate your vacuum cleaner even more.


Now we come to the moment when you will really appreciate your vacuum: eating.
First you feed your kid something simple like bread.
But then the baby is done with the bread, way before you are. And the bread goes flying across the room.

Then it is on to the real grown up foods: spaghetti, potatoes and rice.
Waste will be to a minimum when you still feed your kid.
Eventually you will have to let your kid try to eat by itself.
And then some of it well actually end up in your toddlers mouth. But most of it will fall on the floor or in the children seat.
You will find food everywhere where it shouldn’t be.

And now you will just fall in love with your vacuum.
All that spilled food will just disappear in the vacuum as fast as possible.
Just don’t forget to clean it every now and then.

Older kids and the vacuum cleaner

When you are lucky, one of your kids will even help you with cleaning the room.
Or he will just dance with the vacuum.

Another use of the vacuum cleaner

5 replies on “Vacuum Cleaner : Dad Tip”

Been long i read a post as interesting as this.
Vaccum cleaners is one of the necessities in every home. No one wants to take up a hard panding work.. While you can do the work go easier.
Thanks for sharing.

Dislike carpets and ergo, vacuum cleaners lol. The bane of my childhood was vacuuming. I’ve got hardwood floors and an area rug and love it.

Nice to see a post like this especially the videos. It more of a bonding time for me which is quality time VS a home chore. Wise to do it with them.. makes things easier – sometimes harder but fun. right?

Haha love this. I like the fact that the kids are actually giving you a hand with the chores – this is fab x

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