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The product that changed my nights

I will jump straight in to it.

This product has simply changed my life.
And changed it for the better

Before this I was tired all the time.

I fell asleep during bus rides to work.

I fell asleep during those really important meetings at work.

And of course I fell asleep during those important sport matches.

And this all had one simple reason.

Not enough sleep.

Not enough sleep makes a man tired.

Not enough sleep makes a man want to sleep.

The fact that I didn’t have enough sleep had one simple (and small) reason.

You might have already guessed it by now.

If not, take a look at the title of this website.

Yes, this is indeed a daddyblog.

And a dad usually has one or more children.

And those children do not obey to dad’s standard sleeping hours.

Well, at least ours didn’t.

In the middle of the night he would get up.

And even worse, he would continue to wake me up.

This went on for days in a row, even weeks, months. And would eventually go on for years.

One day I said to myself: ‘This madness has to stop. We have to draw the line somewhere.’

Probably not in those words, but you get my point.

So I went online and looked for a solution.

The solution

A normal solution would be a clock.
(Yes a clock, not a glock. I am not firing warning shots at my kids. (yet))

But, he is too young to be reading clocks. And it would cost me a lot of time to learn him this.

Strolling through millions of internet webpages, looking for a perfect solution I might actually have found it.

And this is actually a real easy solution.

I have found this cool clock that looks like a sheep. And when it is sleeping it closes its eyes.

And when it is time to wake up and yell at dad, it opens it eyes.

This is really an easy concept for me to figure out. And I believe that I am capable that I can teach my kid how to use this.

Easy said, easy done.

I have bought this sheep looking clock.


This might have been the best product that I have bought for our kids.

No, this might have been the best product that I have bought for me.

The product that changed my nights.

It was actually very easy to explain how it works.

‘You go to sleep and the sheep goes to sleep’

‘And when you wake up, you wait until the sheep is also awake. The sheep is awake when his eyes are open.’ (yes, it is a blue sheep. So it must be a he)

So now I can finally sleep a couple more minutes, but it feels like hours. In the morning I get a free wake-up call. ‘Dad, sheep’s eyes are open!!!!’

And then I know I have to get up, because he won’t stop yelling at me.

We have our sheep for around a year and a half now. And I love him.

The baby almost killed him when he threw him on the floor. The eyes got stuck and one ear is missing. But the eyes where very simple to repair. You can just open the head a little bit and put the eyes back in its place.

Should you get this product if you are a dad?
I believe you should.
If not this product, buy something similar. It was save you some valuable sleeping time.

Yes, I am still falling asleep in the bus. I am still falling asleep during meetings. But I am not falling asleep during that important match. And that is all that matters.

7 replies on “The product that changed my nights”

That is such a simple concept and so sweet, now they are not jumping in your bed early? I wish I had this when my kids were little.

Oh! i feel you man.. No i dont have kids yet but instead of my brothers kids disturbing their dad at night they would rather come to my room to do so. I hope home the clock does it works because i can feel really need your sleep. Well, very soon its going to pass, at least its not going to be as it use to.

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