Make some money with AirBnB

There are a couple of easy ways how you can make money with AirBnB.

Make money AirBnB : Out Rent

Would you out rent your apartment, house of room to some complete strangers on AirBnB just to make an extra buck to buy something cool for your kids?

This AirBnB might be a good fit for a lot of people but I don’t think that it would fit me.
And I believe that I have just some simple reasons why I won’t do it:

  1. Strangers in your house
  2. Strangers in your bed
  3. Strangers taking a dump on your precious throne
  4. Strangers touching my xbox
  5. Strangers farting in/on your couch

No, no, no. And two more no’s for me.

I am ok with strangers, but I don’t necessarily need them in my home. Let alone in my bed.

But why not?

What are the positives?

There must be a positive in there somewhere.
This AirBnB thing is still booming.

I guess some people do it to meet new, interesting strangers. If that is your thing to get to learn the world through strangers that are coming to visit your place. Than this might be a good thing.

But my guess is, that most people are on AirBnB to hustle some extra money in to their pockets.

When I take a look on the airBnB site I can make around the € 2.000 a week by out renting my apartment. That is serious money.

That is almost enough money to depart from my no’s.

To be honest, if I didn’t a have a family it would definitely be enough money to out rent my apartment.

Now, it is just to much hassle.

And there is this second small thing that holds me back.
I am renting my apartment, so for me it is actually forbidden to out rent my apartment.
And AirBnB is kind of regulated in our hometown, with big fines when you out rent your place to many days a year.

So even if I wanted to, it is still a no no for me.

Make money AirBnB : Rent

The second and more common way to make money on AirBnB is to actually rent a place when you are going on a holiday.

When you go on a holiday or vacation or just a couple of nights out in the town just too far away to go back home or you know you will probably end up to drunk to responsibly get home.
This AirBnB thing just might save your life and a couple of dollars (or other currency)

Pros, next to saving a lot of money:

  1. A homely surrounding away from home
  2. Sweat in a strangers bed
  3. Take a dump in a totally new environment for you. But not as clinical as a hoteltoilet
  4. There just might be a xbox somewhere that you can use
  5. Leave some farts on somebodies couch and get away with it

Now we have two ways that you can make money on AIrBnB.

  1. Out rent your place and make lots of money
  2. Rent a place and pay way less than in a hotel

But isn’t there another way to make money on AirBnB?

Yes there is.

Make money AirBnB : Number 3

When you get your friends and relatives to go and rent on AIrBnB you can get a small fee.

And when you are really lucky and you find somebody that will out rent his/her apartment or house you can even get cash money bling bling.

But most importantly, I can now give you a discount of $28 your first ever reservation with AirBnB.
When you sign up, this discount will be yours for a full year. But I don’t know how long they will give you this discount. So it is probably smart to already claim your discount a.s.a.p.

And you know what would be really great.
If you sign up. Go on a holiday with AirBnB.
And I will also get a fee.
Win-win and an extra win for my kids.

16 replies on “Make some money with AirBnB”

Just like you it would be a no no for me but that’s just because I have kids and loads of routines now that I have to follow and keep up with. This is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash and you do end up meeting new people in the long run.

I also wouldn’t rent my place on AirBnB because there is a lot of risk involved. I didn’t know they had an affiliate program. That’s a great way to earn some cash while referring others to use AirBnB.

I’ve never stayed in Airbnb but I guess it would be a wonderful experience to meet locals! Though I had no idea that owners make huge money while renting their room.

There are some really good tips here. Not ever thought of trying airbnb for our travels, but may have to check it out x

I would never want to rent out my own house for the same reasons you state. I’d never relax on holiday knowing there were strangers in my home. We do often rent apartments when we travel but these are always actual holiday apartments rather than just using someone’s house while they’re away.

Haha I agree to all your points. It’s really enticing that you can earn a big amount of cash by renting out your house. Plus a chance to meet new friends through this strangers.

I keep hearing about how awesome it can be to make money on airbnb. I might try it out myself in the future when I get a house.

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