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15 Dad jokes

Those are dad jokes, not dead jokes.
Well, I guess most kids would reather be dead than hear their dad tell these corny ass dad jokes again.
Then again, dad jokes are fun.
And they are even more fun when dad is drunk as hell and telling these jokes with his friends.
That is a real win-win. Dad has a laugh and the kids don’t get annoyed.
When the kids grow older, they will realize that these dadjokes are just a necessity for a dad to stay sane with those crazy ass kids that he got.


13 minutes of baby fun

Got some time to spare?

Watch these 13 minutes of baby vine fun.

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Super cool baby hack video

It is time for a new baby video.

Life hacks are hot.

Simple solutions to sometimes complex matters.

Being a daddy is pretty complex. Well, for me it is.

So I jumped on the internet, straight to youtube to search for a life hack with baby video or a baby hack video.

After a 5 second search, I think it took me five seconds to type ‘baby hack’ and press enter, I found this video about baby hacks on youtube.

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Funny Video 4 – Halloween Prank 2015

‘Are you kidding me?’ ‘Are you kidding me?’

No, I am not. I can’t wait ‘till LA is at the right age to go trick or treating and steal all his candy.

(actually I would have to move to the USA first. So give me a greencard, mr presidentman)  

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Funny Pictures 1 | Baby-Emoticons

Today I found these pictures and I had to share them with you.

These babies look really like the emoticons.

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Funny Video 3 – Halloweenprank

Well, this is not a baby video. But nonetheless a really funny video that makes me laugh (maybe because it is something I would also do).

And I think that you also have seen it almost a year ago.

It has everything to do with Halloween.

And kids.

And candy.

Especially with the candy.


Great parenting in this one. Get back at those little rascals.


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Funny baby video 2

One thing almost all parents-to-be have to do is tell the (grand)parents that they are expecting.

Most of the time these moments are really special and we want them to remember them for the rest of our lives.

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Funny baby video 1

So you are feeling a little down today?
Your favourite sportteam just lost in the final minutes?
Your pizza just got burned a little bit to much?
Or did your cute baby do a number two again in that diaper and the mother is nowhere to be found?

No worries, I have find just the stress reliever for you.