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The product that changed my nights

I will jump straight in to it.

This product has simply changed my life.
And changed it for the better

Before this I was tired all the time.

I fell asleep during bus rides to work.

I fell asleep during those really important meetings at work.

And of course I fell asleep during those important sport matches.

And this all had one simple reason.

Not enough sleep.

Not enough sleep makes a man tired.

Not enough sleep makes a man want to sleep.

The fact that I didn’t have enough sleep had one simple (and small) reason.


Make some money with AirBnB

There are a couple of easy ways how you can make money with AirBnB.

Make money AirBnB : Out Rent

Would you out rent your apartment, house of room to some complete strangers on AirBnB just to make an extra buck to buy something cool for your kids?

This AirBnB might be a good fit for a lot of people but I don’t think that it would fit me.
And I believe that I have just some simple reasons why I won’t do it:


Amazon Fire Kids Tab vs Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Just face it, sometimes you get tired of entertaining your child with coloring books, hide-and-seek and the occasional wrestling match on that hard floor of your living room.

Sometimes you need to catch a breather

At least I do.

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Vacuum Cleaner : Dad Tip

Whenever you just heard that you are going to be parent, or when you already have a couple of kids messing up your house already. One of the most underappreciated power tools that you will probably have in your house is the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner a Love Story

Small talk Stories

Cake Baking Time With Dad

Cake Baking introduction

It is Saturday afternoon. But it could be any day. This doesn’t really matter to the rest of the story.
It doesn’t even affect the story in any way.

But it is Saturday afternoon and I am at home with the 4 year old. I am busy with some work that needs to be done and he isn’t really doing anything.

Those two do not go well together.

Small talk Stories

Rush Hour : Dad delivering the kids

6.15 a.m.

The sound of my mobile phone plays a funky tune.
My eyes start to open.
They don’t want to open all the way.
My mind goes: ‘ I need to shave today… ‘
My hand makes an almost automatic movement and changes the time of my alarm clock on my mobile phone.

Humor me The others

15 Dad jokes

Those are dad jokes, not dead jokes.
Well, I guess most kids would reather be dead than hear their dad tell these corny ass dad jokes again.
Then again, dad jokes are fun.
And they are even more fun when dad is drunk as hell and telling these jokes with his friends.
That is a real win-win. Dad has a laugh and the kids don’t get annoyed.
When the kids grow older, they will realize that these dadjokes are just a necessity for a dad to stay sane with those crazy ass kids that he got.

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Weightscale with Karma

So this just happened to me. It might have had something to do with karma or something like that.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the clean up mood. Just throwing things away, Marie Kondo-ing the place. And offcourse I also threw away our scale.
I thought the thing was broken. It showed crazy numbers. It changed a couple of kilograms every time I went on it to check my weight.

I just threw the damn thing out of the house.

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Free Baby Feeding Schedule

Thankfully our smallest one is now more than one year old.
Or more then 12 months old, for those counting in months (as is normal with babies).

And thankfully we do not have to write up what his food intake is during the day.

Offcourse we stopped with that before the boy was 12 months old.

But I can still remember those first couple (11 or so) months that we had to keep notes on how much he had eaten during the day. We used a true Baby Feeding Schedule. (yes, we where a little bit crazy, but it also helped us).

Small talk Stories

The Abacus

‘Oh no’, is what I thought.
‘We forgot The Abacus.’
‘Oh no, not The Abacus.’
‘Yes, The Abacus.’

Although I never heard of the word before. I like it. Abracadabacus.

But when did we forget about it?