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Time goes so fast

Remember when you were a kid and you were counting the days down to your birthday, holiday or any other fun day.
Days seemed to go by so slow.

It took ages for you to grow even a centimeter.

School days went even by slower.

So, what has changed this.

Although working days still seem by to go very slow, especially Mondays.

But every hour not working just flies by so damn fast.

My Babyboy is already two years old. Walking, running and jumping. Even dancing better than me.
Ok that is not really hard for anyone with a heartbeat.

Now I just sit here and look at him and I wonder why time goes so fast.

Already knowing there will never be enough time for me and him.

All I can do is hope that I am doing the right thing and teach him the right stuff and just enjoy the moments we have.

And hopefully I can get my ass to update this blog a lot more from now on.

But time will tell…

Baby boy on the swing

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