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The first half year

November 28th was the first half big party we had for LA.

Our little boy has been in our arms for half a year now and it is getting more fun by the day.

His diaper is fuller than before.

Yes, it does leak sometimes. But we (read: the wife) have has come to the conclusion that this has been my fault.

And I do take the blame.

Last time it happened was after the little one took a bath and I had to oil him. I was lucky that Greenpeace didn’t come and attack me over my oil spill.

Eventually I did had to clean his diaper, shorts and butt.


It is great to just look at him and see that he is developing in a person. He is growing and growing. He is also eating and eating. I like to think that he is already thinking about a lot of different things. But he is probably just thinking about eating. His first word will also probably be ‘eat, eat’. But we will just ignore that ‘till he says ‘mommy’.


He is laughing harder and harder now. And when he is laughing, I can’t help but laugh. Even when there is nothing funny. Well his laugh is funny as hell. I don’t know who he has that laugh from though. It is not mine and not his moms. And I don’t think he laughs like the dog.


He is holding a lot more things than before. He likes to pull my nose. And sometimes he even bites it. I know it is big, but come on boy, no need for this.


He even likes to pet the dog sometimes. It is an American Stafford who like to lick, so we keep a good eye on this. But it is cute how that weird dog stays calm when LA is petting her.


He sometimes thinks that he is a drummer. Even hitting his leg or diaper hard with his fist or his rattle. I don’t hope that he will be a drummer, but if he does it is going to be an electric drum.


I am wondering what kind of sports that he is going to like. Right now I think that it might be a physical sport. So no football. But then again, sometimes he is kicking against things, so it might be football. Time will tell and we won’t push him into something he doesn’t like…


Half a year also means a present…

And what is better for a boy than a firetruck?

Probably diapers.

But we gave him this great firetruck.

He can’t use it yet. Because he is too small. No daddy, the truck is too big.

And I might secretly hope that he won’t use it too much so he can save it for later.


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