Pregnancy to Daddy Stories

Talking to the obstetrician

Do you plan a baby or not?
In a perfect world you won’t.
There will be no need to plan it, everything will be all right.
There will be no problems with the pregnancy and no problems with raising a baby to a respectful adult.
Everything will be smooth sailing in a perfect world.

But guess what….
This is far from a perfect world. Problems and situations arise all over around us.

To give a short summary about what happened to us.
In 2011 everything seemed perfect.
And we did get pregnant without planning. We were perfect and happy.
Then, booooom, the world crumbled apart.
My fiancée got really really sick.
In short, we lost our baby and I almost lost her too.
(sorry about keeping this short, but I do want to keep this private)

Fast forward to 2014
The following questions arise.
What do we do?
Is it possible and safe to get pregnant again?
We do want to, but not against all costs.
After talking together for a while we decided to ask a specialist about the possibilities of getting pregnant.
Well, getting pregnant isn’t the problem.
We did that trick once before.
But delivering the baby safe; safe for the baby and safe for my fiancée is more important.

At the first appointment with her normal doctor we talked about our dilemma. And we talked about other women with the same sort of conditions. And they did get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.
He said that there was always a risk, but they would monitor everything more closely. So they can intervene whenever it is necessary.
And he told us to make an appointment with an obstetrician.

So we did make an appointment.
It was a nice man. He did look youngish but he knew what he was talking about.
He had helped more women with the same conditions and he also assured us that they would monitor is all very close.
There would be, for instance, more blood testing and more ultrasounds then normally. Also the delivery would be a little different. But that would be a problem for later.
To us it felt like the obstetrician saw almost no problems and we got reassured a lot.
After our talk he spoke to us the famous words:

‘Go and multiply’

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