Pregnancy Test – Step 3

There is an advantage about planning a pregnancy.

You will not be surprised by some crazy lady that has tears in her eyes and says that ‘We should talk’.

I have been there before, not saying that my wife was/is crazy, but we definitely had a ‘We should talk’ moment.

This time we planned the pregnancy.

And sweet as I am I went to buy the pregnancy test.

There are a couple different tests, from cheap to expensive. Some only show that you are pregnant and some even show how long you are pregnant.

I don’t know about all women, but mine wants to know almost everything and almost immediately.

If there would be a pregnancy test that would say if it was a boy or a girl and when exactly he/she would come. She would buy it.


Pregnancy test with the length of the pregnancy it is…


Hold up.

You don’t just buy one.

You need to buy at least two or three.

Because maybe the first one is defective.

And you always need to take the test again a day later.

What if you magically aren’t pregnant the next day?  That would be weird.


Sometimes womenlogic is just too hard to comprehend and we, as men, just have to nod.


Is there a difference for men buying tampons or a pregnancytest?

I am not really sure.

How do the cashiers look at men that buy a pregnancytest?

How do I look while buying them?

I think that I did look quite normal, I didn’t laugh out loud and I didn’t look extremely sad.

And I don’t think that I looked depressed or something like that.


I wonder if cashiers sometimes see men buying a test with tears in their eyes and sweat dripping down their foreheads.

And the man is thinking : ‘please don’t let her be pregnant’

‘please don’t be defective and make me take another trip to this store’


All said and done I bought two tests.

And she had to do the fun part.

Pee on it.


A couple minutes later and we knew.




We were happy.

But we were also scared shitless for what would come to us.

Would it all be all right this time?

What will our lives look like 9 months from now?

Are we doing the right thing?


But most of all we were happy.


And yes, we did test again the next day 😉


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