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Pregnancy steps for the daddy blog

Men are simple beings.

We work with lists. It makes our lives easier. And if our life gets easier, everybody’s life will get easier. The other, and maybe best, reason is off course that I will forget what I want to blog about. And a daddy blog without a blog is a bit boring.

So I got this list even divided in a couple of sub lists:
Main project : Getting pregnant and getting the baby
Side projects : All sorts of other stuff that have to do with getting the baby home
Born, now what? : What to do when the baby is born

Because this is a daddy blog I will write it through the eyes of the daddy. So I hope you women don’t get offended. If you do though, I am sorry.

As you can see in the ‘main project’-list there are a lot of ultrasounds in there. This is because of extra medical checkups.  (see final couple of sentences)

Main project

  • Talking to obstetrician
  • Getting pregnant
  • Pregnancy test
  • Ultrasound I (8 weeks)
  • Ultrasound II (12 weeks)
  • Ultrasound III (14 weeks & screening)
  • Ultrasound IV (genderreveal & 3D)
  • Extra checkup because of dizziness
  • Ultrasound V (20 weeks + organs)
  • Scary moment, silence in the belly
  • Ultrasound VI (26 weeks )
  • Ultrasound VII (30 weeks & baby position)
  • Ultrasound VIII (34 weeks & labor possibilities)
  • Itching, cholestasis of pregnancy (36 weeks)
  • Born Baby Born (37 weeks & c section)


Side projects

  • (not) telling people you are pregnant
  • Acknowledging my baby
  • Names, names, names
  • Gender reveal cake
  • Rolling the stroller
  • Baby room
  • Baby born card


Born, now what?

  • Declare the baby and finalize the name
  • Maternity nurse
  • Baby shower
  • Blood in, blood out
  • Check up
  • Vaccination I


This list will be updated with links to the actual articles on this daddy blog and the list will probably get a little bit longer.

I am also thinking about a couple of articles on this daddy blog that will be less fun to read, related to child birth loss. But at the moment I first want to look at the positive moments in my life.

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