Getting Pregnant – Step 2

After our talk with our obstetrician and the specialist we decided to give it one more try.

Because we first had to stop with some medication we had to wait at least three more months before we could really start with our plans.

Due to some more unexpected problems the ‘one more try’ sadly chanced to the third and final try.

Three strikes and we would be out of the mom and dad game:


Getting pregnant


It was a beautiful day.

We were on a vacation in the North of France, celebrating that we were together for five years.

The sun was shining outside.

Birds were singing their love songs.

And mom and dad were together in a room.

We weren’t mom and dad yet. Not just yet.

On each side of the bed there were candles burning.

Red leafs of roses laid on the bed.

It was an upmost romantic moment.

Straight out of a book or a movie.

That could have been the moment that we made LA.


But it wasn’t.

Because of bad planning of a monthly woman at moms’ side nothing happened that night. 🙁


So it didn’t in happen in France. That is one thing we know for sure.

And we also know for sure that it happened in our own apartment. In our very special and romantic Ikea bed, probably also without candles.

I don’t even think that we made it a special occasion. And I also don’t know how long it took. Back then we didn’t know that LA also wouldn’t stay in for the full nine months.

If LA will be a fast guy, he will have that from his daddy.

Of course I could have made it look like it was an extremely special moment in babymaking. But it really wasn’t any more interesting then normally.

We did know it was around the right time of the month to try and get pregnant. Well, actually if we calculated correctly, we were a day to late. But I guess LA was a really really fast boy.

And back then we didn’t know it was a special day, because we didn’t know if it had worked.

That is when the pregnancy test comes in

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