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First Christmas

Your first Christmas ever.

We haven’t bothered you with the reason behind Christmas. It is not important to know why Christmas is celebrated. At least for you it isn’t. When you get older you can decide yourself if it is about religion or Coca-Cola and what would be more important.

For now the livingroom just changed a little bit. There is a tree in the room. And it isn’t even a real one. One day daddy came home with this plastic tree with a cord attached to it. Once the cord was plugged in, you did like all the flickering lights in the tree.

The next couple of days mom and dad brought some more things home and put them in the tree and on the cabinets.
There where even lights on the front of our house. Mommy thought that it wasn’t looking all that good. And neither did dad. So he went out and bought some more lights and this time he took some time to put up the lights.

I don’t think that you really cared about those lights. The flickering lights in the tree where of more interest.

After we had seen Home Alone 1, 2 and 3 (no not 4) we knew Christmas was getting closer.

When mom was away, I made a couple of photos of you with the tree and your red firetruck. Most photos sucked but we did use one to send to family and friends via WhatsApp. Yeah, too cheap for postcards and stamps.

First Christmascard
First Christmascard

On Christmas Eve we did nothing special. You even forgot to make a drawing for Santa Claus. Naughty boy.
Just kidding, we didn’t tell you about Santa.

On the first day of Christmas your family (from moms’ side) came over and we had a lovely dinner. But that isn’t important. You did get some presents. Yeah, that is what Christmas is all about.

You probably don’t remember what you got, because you are a baby and have the memory of a baby (I guess).

But you did get some sweet looking Nike Air Max, that are just a little bit too big. (you will also get Adidas soon ;)) But we think that you will grow in to them. You also got a baby bib and t-shirt of daddies’ favorite team.

And toys, you also got lots of toys. You won’t get bored. You might get ADHD, but you won’t get bored with all those toys.

On the second day of Christmas we didn’t do much. We had a lot of leftovers to eat. We even had leftovers over after that. I think that I gained more than mommy did when she was pregnant of you.

I like to believe that your first Christmas was something special for you and that you enjoyed it. But you enjoy everything if you get your food and sleep on time.

I hope your second Christmas will be somewhere where the sun shines warmer.


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