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A note from our blogger/daddy…

It has been a while since I have posted anything on this blog.
The most important reason and also not a reason, has been my lack of time.
‘Well then you are bad at organizing.’ You might say.
And you are right.
Since I started at my new job I have had much less free time than before.
And now I really need to organize my time well.Problem is, that sometimes when I want to write down a blog, I will sit down at my desk and turn on my computer and then the internet takes over the time.
And ‘poof’ my time is a goner.

But it really is time to wake up myself and this blog, because within almost two week LA will have his first birthday.
We can’t wait.
Mommy has been busy arranging almost everything (and a lot more) for some months now.
Because it will be his first birthday we want it to be extra special.
Next year will be a lot smaller and more relaxes. She promised me and herself.
But we will see about that next year.

So top of mind, what did we do this year:
– Grow, grow a lot. Last measurement was 74 centimeter. It is a normal size, but he was really small when he escaped
– We went swimming, somewhere between the third and fourth month. This was great. But the times are really bad with my new job 
– He started crawling, first backwards and finally full speed forward
– Right now he doesn’t walk yet but he is great at standing on two feet and pulling himself up when he is down
– Laughing, laughing a lot
– He got a big head full of hair
– Seven teeth are in his mouth. With four of them coming out at the same time
– Pee on daddy
– Poop on daddy
– He went to school and made some new friends and presents for mom and dad
– And loads more
– Yes, we also made a trip to the ER. Because he fell out of our bed. But everything is allright 

But most of all it was a great year and it really goes by so fast that you don’t even get the time to blog about it.
His second year we start by going on a vacation, so that will be interesting. First by car and hopefully later in the year by plane. But we will just see what the future holds for us.
I will definitely write some more and regular updates.


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