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A day at the Moco Museum Amsterdam

There are a couple of fun things to do when it Is daddyday. Number one on my sons list is going to an indoor playground.

Well. Not on this day.

Today it is time for some learning.

‘You gonna learn today son.’

Today it is time to go to a museum. For both of our sakes, not one of those dusty old ones. We are going to a modern art museum. The Moco Museum in Amsterdam.

It has an exhibition on Banksy, which I just have to see. And there are also some works from masters like Warhol, Basquiat, Haring, Koons, Kusama, Hirst & Dali. (yeah, I copied that from their website).

Because parking in Amsterdam is not only impossible, but way too expensive, we will go by public transportation. The trams are really easy to take, if they are not too crowded and the temperature is ok.

After a short walk from the tram stop to the museum, we notice that there is a small queue in front of the museum. That is probably just there to show passers by that there is something interesting on exhibition.

Yeah Banksy.

At the Moco Museum

The museum is actually located in a beautiful but old house. With a lot of stairs and small chambers. Which is nice on one side (it looks cosy), but it is kinda chaotic because people are going in and out the rooms.

Exhibitions start upstairs on floor 3. It is fun climbing stairs with a four year old. :S

There is an item on the top floor that my boy recognizes immediately.

‘Hey, Mickey Mouse, is what he says. And he is right.

Mickey Mouse Moco Museum
Mickey Mouse Moco Museum

He doesn’t yet know there is going to be a better Mickey Mouse at the end of my tour.

So here we got a picture of this fun stickman, with one super interested four year old.

Stickman Moco Museum
Stickman Moco Museum

(note: This is probably where he started to ask where the playground was)

In this gallery you see just a small part of the beautiful art pieces that you can find in Moco Amsterdam.  While I am shooting pictures somebody keeps asking why I have to take so many pictures of everything. I guess you can tell who keeps asking this.

Moco Museum Gallery

Although he isn’t that interested in all the techniques that were used for making all those pieces, he also doesn’t get too annoying.

And, may I remind you. We are still in a museum and this boy is by far the youngest visitor.

At Moco Museum there is also a small yard where you can sit and there are a couple of interactive art pieces.

Like this big rocking horse where you can climb up on. It doesn’t rock though, but you will.

Outside is also the Mickey Mouse art piece that I told you about before.
This is one of the more fun are pieces for little kids (like me).

Although there is no playground, I believe that the Moco Museum has some great pieces that kids also like. And not only that ass of Mickey Mouse)

To be honest, there is a very small playground next to another museum and when the weather is great you can paddle in the water on the Museum Square.

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Awwww… my parents took us to museums at a young age too. I remember when we were living in the UK my dad took my two younger sisters to the V&A and when they got to the Chinese section my dad started speaking fake Chinese. And then some authentic Chinese people arrived and my sisters were mortified but my dad was just playing cool.

Dads are fun at musuems. I’m sure your little one had loads of fun.

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