Side Hustle Book Review

Side Hustle
From idea to income in 27 days
Author : Chris Guillebeau

From idea to income in 27 days
Author : Chris Guillebeau

Side Hustle Review
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As a father of two young boys with a fulltime job, you sometimes have to look for some different ways to gather some extra income. A Side Hustle you may say.

Because I have two young boys it isn’t really an option to start robbing banks or sell drugs (to those bankmanagers).
But it would be nice to have an extra source of income.

The $100 Startup

I have allready read Chris Guillebeau his book ‘The $100 startup‘ a couple of years ago.
Fun thing is that I bought that book because Rob Dyrdek once posted a pile of books on his instagram (or facebook, i don’t remember)
That book was a real easy read and I remembered that I liked the examples in the book.

During that perios I started a website in T-shirts and I also started this blog. Because of several (un)fortunate events I didn’t have that much time to really get these things of the ground.
But this hardcover book is still in my bookcase.

Fast forward a couple of years further

Right now I have a little more time on my hands and I am looking to get some extra income.
But time is still pretty scarce. So I am looking for something fun, quick and easy.
Just like a real ‘hustle’, it should be real fun. And I believe that a hustle should be kind of simple.

In the bookstore I came across ‘Side Hustle‘. And it sounded promising when I read the back.
But because I now have an e-reader, I didn’t buy the book immediately.

I did buy it when I got home. And now it is my compagnion during the bus rides to my regular day-job.

And like The $100 Startup, Side Hustle is full of practical examples and loaded with great tips.

To be completely honest.
It takes you through your first couple of weeks of finding a fitting Side Hustle. And setting up this Side Hustle.
But I just love to read all the examples and get a lot of inspiration through that. So I basically just keep on reading and reading.

And now I have injected some life back into this blog and will try to make a somewhat decent ‘Side Hustle‘ out of it.
And maybe I can buy some cool new other things for the kids (yeah they are real hungry here. So you can also just send me some money).

So in conclussion.
If you are like me and want to earn an extra buck with a real cool Side Hustle or you are, als like me, somebody that enjoys reading about other peoples succesfull Side Hustles and get motivated, this book is a must must read.

Amazon Associate disclaimer

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”
So do purchase so I can buy cool presents for my kids.
Bills are paid with the salary from my actual job.

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I also look for ways to make a little extra income. I’ve never read any books relating to the topic though. Must be an interesting read.

This sounds like a great book! I know so many people who love their side hustles and are really building them into genuine businesses.

It’s really good to enrich yourselves with practical skills when you’re starting up something. The book must be so good now that it gives really practical tips on expanding your business and earning extra money. All the best in your business!

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