Amazon Fire Kids Tab vs Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Just face it, sometimes you get tired of entertaining your child with coloring books, hide-and-seek and the occasional wrestling match on that hard floor of your living room.

Sometimes you need to catch a breather

At least I do.

And it is not only because I get tired, but we got two of those little rascals. And it is not always easy to give them both the same attention when you are playing together.
I just can’t go throwing around the little one as I can do with the four year old.

So let us take a look at this from the positive side.
We, me and my wife, want to give our children the attention that they deserve. But sometimes it just isn’t possible.

Call in the help

This is where we just tap out, and call in the help of one of our other best friends. The Tablet.

Of course I know about the bad effects that screen time has on young kids. This is why we try to limit the time to 45-60 minutes a day.
But to be quite honest I rather have my children do some interactive game on the tablet than just stare at the television. (I don’t mind interactive television shows)

Kid on the phone

 Probably because we are very used to using our phones, and the kids see us use them regularly, they also want to use our phones.
A couple of years ago I started with downloading a simple balloon popping game on my telephone. The reason why I did this? To keep him busy (read quiet) in a waiting room.
Of course the results where above expectation.
He was very busy and happy playing this little game.

Later I downloaded a couple of puzzles he could do. And he liked  it very much.

But I wasn’t happy

He kept asking me for my phone and whenever I gave it to him, I couldn’t be on my phone.

And I didn’t like it for him to stare at that very small screen. So it was time for an upgrade.

Kid on the grown ups tablet

The perfect moment to switch to a bigger screen came when it was my wifes birthday. And she also wanted a tablet to watch some Netflix and do some quick work on it.
So I got her the tablet. And subsequently I got the boys a tablet.

This wonderful Samsung Tablet that we got is perfect for small work, games and video. And has a very long battery life.

Right now it is actually on sale at amazon.

The negative: this is not a kids tablet.
If it falls it is probably broken. And those screens are still expensive. Although we got a screen protector from ali express on it.

Amazon Fire Kids Tablet

Now I came across this new tablet on Amazon.
It is a Fire Tablet and the 7 inch edition is now $ 99,99. And if you buy a duo-pack it is $ 149.98.

But this is also not a toy.
Atleast that is what Amazon says. But then what is it?
Save up to $89 on a full-featured Fire 7 Tablet (not a toy), 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a Kid-Proof Case with built-in stand, and 2-year worry-free guarantee, versus items purchased separately.
Why would I buy this for my kid if it is not a toy?

Does it play games? Yes

Does it play Netflix? Yes

Sounds like a good toy to me.

And with Amazon FreeTime you will even get 20.000 books, movies, apps and games for kids 3-12.
I don’t think that you can finish all of that with 1 hour of screen time per day.

#AD Shop Amazon Devices | All-new Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablets

Conclusion Amazon Fire vs Samsung Galaxy

A conclusion can not be made without a list.
But first an #ad.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

  • Grown up tablet
  • More expensive
  • Is not a toy J
  • Android
  • Does not make you look stupid when you take it with you

Amazon Fire Kid tablet

  • Great tablet for kids
  • Safety bumpers for when your kids get game-rage
  • Is not a toy L
  • 2 years warranty
  • Great for kids
  • Less expensive

A wonderful comparison isn’t it.

It is like comparing apples to oranges.

So in conclusion

If you want a tablet for you kids, I think you should consider the Amazon Fire kids tablet. It is less expensive and a great toy for your kids, although it isn’t a toy.

Amazon Associate disclaimer

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”
So do purchase so I can buy cool presents for my kids.
Bills are paid with the salary from my actual job.

13 replies on “Amazon Fire Kids Tab vs Samsung Galaxy Tab?”

Personally speaking I prefer the idea of kids having their own tablet, simply because you can add parental controls to them without having to worry about deactivating it for you to use etc. Kids tablets also come along with their own cover (usually), which means your own tablet/phone isn’t running the risk of being dropped.

Or that’s the theory anyway.

I have a Galaxy Tab tables but also a Fire tablet (not the kids version) and I like them both. Whilst I use the tab more on the go, the Fire always stays at home as it used mostly for movies in bed. Nice comparison!

This is such a nice product comparison, both of them are good products but for me between the two the Amazon fire tablet is the most recommended tablet for the kids to use.

Both of them are really good but I am with Amazon Fire Kids Tablet. My kids can use this in a very convenient way.

My 80 yr old mum had both of these and preferred the kindle as it bounced if she dropped it. It is great value.

Long battery life and durability really matters.. Thanks for the comparing these two. Now I know what to buy best.

Kids nowadays have tablets made for them? Thats amazing. Id agree with your suggestiom a samsung tab may be too much to give to a kid.

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