Super cool baby hack video

It is time for a new baby video.

Life hacks are hot.

Simple solutions to sometimes complex matters.

Being a daddy is pretty complex. Well, for me it is.

So I jumped on the internet, straight to youtube to search for a life hack with baby video or a baby hack video.

After a 5 second search, I think it took me five seconds to type ‘baby hack’ and press enter, I found this video about baby hacks on youtube.My view

So what do you think about these baby hacks?

Some might be useful. But I am not totally convinced about all of these baby hacks…

  1. Bibs have a mind of their own
    1. Yes they do. And this might actually be an interesting hack. Or maybe you should just organize your bibs at a specific spot? I don’t know but maybe the bibs will fall off when you move the chair?
  2. Keep your baby calm during night time diaper change.
    1. Or you just keep sleeping and let mommy handle it.
  3. Baby monitor
    1. No need to buy a baby monitor, just buy an extra tablet and a mobile phone and you are good to go. No more candy crush for mommy.
  4. Vacuum seal your diapers
    1. Seal 10 diapers at once, because your baby might poop a lot and needs all 10 at once. Or you can use the extra space for the sealing machine.
  5. Get more organized. Diaper bag for each car
    1. Also buy all his favorite toys twice, put food and water in both bags and let the baby choose which car he wants to go with. Mommy or daddy.
  6. Pack an extra shirt for mom
    1. What about dad????
  7. Got gas?
    1. Call mom
  8. Teeth hurt? Popsicles!
    1. Never mind the sugar, but what about those frozen little fingers?
  9. Record favorite sound
    1. Great idea. But did you just put your phone there? So do you have to buy one more extra phone?


Actually some of the ideas are fun and ok.

What is your favorite baby hack? Or do you have a baby hack to share?


The above baby hack video is BuzzFeedYellow on youtube.

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