Pregnancy to Daddy Stories

Pregnancy Test – Step 3

There is an advantage about planning a pregnancy.

You will not be surprised by some crazy lady that has tears in her eyes and says that ‘We should talk’.

I have been there before, not saying that my wife was/is crazy, but we definitely had a ‘We should talk’ moment.

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Funny Video 4 – Halloween Prank 2015

‘Are you kidding me?’ ‘Are you kidding me?’

No, I am not. I can’t wait ‘till LA is at the right age to go trick or treating and steal all his candy.

(actually I would have to move to the USA first. So give me a greencard, mr presidentman)  

Small talk Stories

Not home, but alone

It is hard to not sleep at home near your baby.

It is hard to feel alone.

The first time it wasn’t a problem.

LA was only 2.5 months old. Back then he was almost only eating and sleeping.

Small talk Stories

The high-chair

When your baby gets older, he or she might eventually need to sit in a chair.

The mother has been asking a while now for a high-chair for LA.

This weekend I decided to get it done and go get that little boy a high chair.

So we took the car to a nearby baby-store.

(to me a baby-store is not a place where they sell babies, but they sell baby stuff)

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Funny Pictures 1 | Baby-Emoticons

Today I found these pictures and I had to share them with you.

These babies look really like the emoticons.

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Funny Video 3 – Halloweenprank

Well, this is not a baby video. But nonetheless a really funny video that makes me laugh (maybe because it is something I would also do).

And I think that you also have seen it almost a year ago.

It has everything to do with Halloween.

And kids.

And candy.

Especially with the candy.


Great parenting in this one. Get back at those little rascals.


Small talk Stories

partytime 5 months

Yeah, today it is five months ago that our little baby boy came out of his moms belly.

Wohooo. 5 months. Party time.

Where women usually talk in weeks, I am more a month type of guy.

Two weeks ago I told somebody that LA was 16 weeks. That didn’t make any sense.

Pregnancy to Daddy Stories

Getting Pregnant – Step 2

After our talk with our obstetrician and the specialist we decided to give it one more try.

Because we first had to stop with some medication we had to wait at least three more months before we could really start with our plans.

Due to some more unexpected problems the ‘one more try’ sadly chanced to the third and final try.

Three strikes and we would be out of the mom and dad game:

Pregnancy to Daddy Stories

Talking to the obstetrician

Do you plan a baby or not?
In a perfect world you won’t.
There will be no need to plan it, everything will be all right.
There will be no problems with the pregnancy and no problems with raising a baby to a respectful adult.
Everything will be smooth sailing in a perfect world.

But guess what….
This is far from a perfect world. Problems and situations arise all over around us.

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Funny baby video 2

One thing almost all parents-to-be have to do is tell the (grand)parents that they are expecting.

Most of the time these moments are really special and we want them to remember them for the rest of our lives.