Hello world, here a new daddy blog

Welcome dear reader,

Welcome on this blog, a blog by a dad, so we will call it a daddy blog.

Oh yeah, most of the content will be about being a dad. That is one more reason to call it a daddy blog.

What makes this daddy blog so much more interesting than the other daddy blogs out there?
Probably nothing. I am not even claiming to be more interesting than any other daddy blog. Al I hope to do is turn a smile upon your face, maybe just for a second. And who knows, maybe there is something you will learn and actually like. I don’t know. I just want to have fun.


But who are you anyways?
Well, hello.
I, the dad, go by the name of F-P. Just two letters, I like to keep it simple, I am the dad. I am a white male somewhere in my thirties. I enjoy photographing, writing, reading, sports (like (American) football).
Then there is the mother/mommy.
I will probably refer to her as LL or woman, or something like that. She is dark skinned, in America she would be considered African-American. But she is neither African nor American.
1+1= an interracial relationship.
And then there is the baby that you obviously need for a daddyblog.
Our first Babyboy is named NY, but due to the sad fact that there where tremendous problems during the pregnancy which ended abruptly :'(, this blog will not be so much about him.
Then the second boy, we call him LA. He has a double name, just like dad.
He is the most interracial one. White and black mixed together or black and white mixed together. The best of both worlds. A swirl. A mini-me.

As you can see in the names, we do like the US

So that is us on the picture. LA on the left and F-P on the right.



How did you come up with the name BlogDaddyBlog?
I believe that coming up with a name was the hardest part and it took me a while to come up with one that I believe that would cover the load.

The name actually says it all. It is a daddy blog. And daddy needs to blog.

It is actually a reminder for me to blog and it might be a good motivator. But only time will tell about that one.

Why do you blog in English?
I see you thinking: ‘This guy is clearly not American, because he knows the difference between your and you’re.‘ Yes, I do know the difference. But I will probably make a lot more other grammatical mistakes. Word dictionary will only get you ‘that’ far.

Here are a couple of reasons why this daddy blog is in English:

  • There are more people who can read English than my native language
  • It is a good learning experience for me to write in another language
  • We want LA to grow up multilingual, so whenever he wants to read this he needs to put in some effort (yeah boy)

But I think the number one reason is just because I might get more traffic and more feedback and what not.


Why do you even like writing a daddy blog?
Because one day, that little boy will be a little bit older and start asking questions about his youth. And because daddy here has played American Football before and probably hurt his head just a little bit too much to remember most of it, this will be a great platform for him to get to know himself a little better. Oh, and like I said, I also hope other people enjoy reading this and might learn (me)  a thing or two.

Is it daddyblog or daddy blog?
I don’t know. Word says it is daddy blog. So we will just go with that for now.

I don’t like your blog, can you please go?
Sticks and stones won’t break my bones.


I got a great idea/question for your blog, how can I contact you?
Yes, great. I like great ideas and questions. You can contact me by mail on If you spam me I will come find you and kill you.


I am a Nigerian Prince and I got 10 million dollars for you. Can you please send me your bank account details?
Yes, I can probably do that. But I won’t.


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